Virtual EmberConf Swag

Did you attend Virtual EmberConf? Or do you just want an "I'm stuck home and miss conferences" treat? Get your (Virtual) EmberConf swag here!

Immediately following the conference we shipped swag bags out to all attendees who got their orders in pre-quarantine (at no cost, of course). Now that those are all out and done, we've got some extras. 

We're going to be hiring a temp staffer (just one—social distancing!) to go to the empty office and ship out this next batch. The $15 will cover their time, and some of our costs for the materials, plus shipping covers shipping 😜

We're doing this partially to make sure our offices aren't overrun by swag when we get back, but also as a way to generate a bit more work for someone who needs a safe environment in which to earn some income right now. It's tough times all around <3 

As you might imagine, sizing inventory isn't in perfect order right now. Place your order, and if we don't have your shirt size, we'll cancel and refund your order.

If you're a registered EmberConf attendee who missed the first window, we're still happy to send you the swag free, you'll just need to pay for shipping (we covered the shipping on the first batch, but have since closed up the budget and allocated the leftover funds to compensate speakers).

If that's you, please email OR DM wifelette on Discord, and provide your EmberConf order number. We'll then send you a discount code to make the swag bag free so you can place your order.

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