Do you ship to X country?

DevSwag ships to anywhere USPS will allow us. For some countries, there will also be UPS options (though they're typically a tad pricier). In general, the USPS can get packages anywhere. They're not the fastest option, but they're also generally the cheapest, so that's the trade-off we've made. 

DevSwag integrates directly with a USPS API for pulling shipping rates. The list of countries is too exhaustive to post; the best way to be sure is to put something in the cart and attempt a checkout. Step 1 will ask for a billing address and have a country drop-down. If it's in there, you're good to go. We can't guarantee their pricing will always make you happy, but it's typically reasonable. 

When will my order arrive?

If you selected an option with a tracking number, it will be included in your email shipping confirmation (orders typically go out within a business day or two). If you selected to ship via USPS Postage Stamp or Global Stamp, your package cannot be tracked. As previously mentioned, this is the trade-off for super cheap options. 

Within the US, postage stamps typically mean your item will arrive within about a week. Outside the US, you're looking at anywhere from two to eight weeks. If your package hasn't arrived by the end of that window, do let us know. If you're inside that window, frustrating as it might be, there's unfortunately nothing we can do to help. 

What happens if I'm not around when the post office tries to deliver my item

In most cases, you'll also have the opportunity to pick your delivery up at the local shipping depot, before they'll return the package to us. If you miss that window and your item is returned to us for this reason, we'll refund the cost of your items (not the shipping charges) and cancel the order.

Basically, while we'd like to be kind and re-ship items for folks, the costs of shipping are typically bigger than the margins on our sales, and we can't afford to take losses beyond the ones we're already taking to provide this service to folks. Perhaps one day, when DevSwag is an empire ;) 


I want to place a really large order, but the shipping seems too high. Help?

DevSwag does most of its business on smaller orders, so we're not necessarily optimized for the larger ones. Specifically, when you get to really large orders, the hypothetical weight Shopify thinks your order has can get higher than reality.

If your large order seems to have a shipping price that's gotten to outrageous levels, feel free to shoot us an email with a list of your items or a snapshot of your shopping cart. We'll be happy to verify the pricing on our end, and to investigate if there are alternative outside-Shopify shipping services we can use (like UPS) that might be cheaper.

Note that sometimes large orders to international destinations are just outrageous no matter how you spin them :/ Happy to verify for you though, just in case.


My local carriers are questionable; I'm concerned my package won't arrive. What can I do?

We offer optional shipping insurance to help mitigate specific concerns. It's affordable, so we definitely recommend it on larger orders, where your risk might be higher. Just be sure you've checked off the Route Insurance option when you check out.


My post office is requiring additional $$ to get my package, but didn't I already pay for S&H?

You did indeed already pay for shipping. Alas, some countries also charge various tariffs and import taxes. We can't predict these, nor could we pay for them if we wanted to. Hopefully, if you live in a country that does this, it won't be a surprise to you. When this happens, you'll generally receive a note that a package needs to be picked up at your post office, including how much in fees might be owed.

Please note that in most cases, if you fail to retrieve your package, it won't make its way back to DevSwag; it disappears into the foreign postal system ether. We are unable to refund orders that were simply never retrieved from the post office.


I'm in a rush; how often do you ship packages? 

DevSwag is a fun not-for-profit side project designed to help Open Source projects tackle a task they wouldn't otherwise have the ability to handle. We do our best just the same to provide an experience similar to any more robust profit-oriented business. Prior to Covid we shipped orders multiple times a week, but since, it's more like once every other week. We've also swapped some of our items to being made on demand once orders come in. For those, we'll typically make and ship them within three days.

If you're making a purchase for a specific deadline (a gift, holiday, etc.), we recommend reaching out to us to make sure we can get your package out in time, in addition to purchasing whatever expedited shipping meets your need.

What happens if I don't receive my order?

If you select a USPS postage stamp (domestic or global) as the shipping method, we are unable to re-ship your item or provide a refund. As previously mentioned, this is the trade-off for super cheap options; choose a postage stamp at your own risk!
If you choose any other method of shipping, we will work with the carrier in question to locate your missing item. Sometimes things can go missing! But the only real way to be sure you're covered (either by receiving your items or a refund) is to purchase the Route shipping insurance offered at checkout.

DevSwag is not responsible for packages that use an intermediate shipping address or service. 


How can I pay you?

At this time, DevSwag takes all major credit cards, processed via Stripe. We are unfortunately unable to take PayPal, Cash, or Checks. If you see us at an event, we'll be taking all major credit cards via Square, and may or may not be accepting cash.

Can I pick up an order and save on shipping?

Sometimes, if you're in Portland and we happen to be around :) Feel free to email if you'd like to place a pick-up order, and we'll let you know if it's an option at that time.



Can DevSwag come and sell swag at my event?

In theory :p The business we're running is super small, with non-existent margins. It's more of a public service than a profit-making endeavor. That said... events are fun! We surely can't afford to transport ourselves and our merchandise for events elsewhere, but if you happen to be running a tech conference or other event in Portland and think it would be enhanced by our presence, reach out! 

Can DevSwag sponsor my event?

See previous response :p Alas, we support the Open Source community by helping projects create and sell swag. That's about all we can do, though—cash contributions elsewhere just aren't feasible.



Can DevSwag sell merchandise for my project?

If we don't sell your stuff, but you think you might like for us to, get in touch! We'd love to help you / your project get your swag on the market without the hassle of actually making it happen. Send a shout out to info@ with details on what you have in mind and we'll get back to you.

Can you sell swag for me, but for something other than an Open Source project?

That's a solid maybe :p Basically, if you're doing something completely unrelated (say, running a hardware store), we're not the fit for you. But if you're doing something that would interest our same audience, we could probably work something out. The obvious example is running a SaaS product of some kind that utilizes open source and provides services to our variety of developers.

The basic idea is this: we can only really afford to do this on a small scale, and for folks in need. But if selling your item would attract enough attention and traffic that folks would come for you but end up buying other things too, it might just be worth it. Reach out if you'd like to discuss.


How can I be featured in product photos? 

Awww. We'd love to have you! Send your photo of you sporting your DevSwag gear :) We'll do our best to get as many up as we can!