Details for Selling Stickers

So you're ready to send us stickers to sell, fantastic! Here are some of the guidelines and tips to help get everything right:

  • Stickers are ordered in a quantity divisible by 4, with a minimum of 100 pieces (or 25 packages)
  • All our stickers are StickerMule printed stickers; they're our official partner and a long time friend and OSS supporter. 
  • If you don't yet have a StickerMule account, you can use this referral link to get $10 off your first order. Stickers can be whatever/as many colors as you'd like without impacting the cost.
  • We'll sell Die Cut or round/square/rounded corner stickers.
  • The largest stickers we sell are 3.5"x3.5". Most projects choose to stay under 3"x3".
  • We aim to pay all royalties twice per year; we only send checks above $50. If royalties are lower, we'll hold the funds until the next royalty date when the project does hit $50. For the most part, volume is low enough that no one is really counting on these funds for anything, just the eventual recouping of costs—hence the infrequent payment process. Happy to discuss something different if this is an issue. Many projects also choose to have us donate the funds to a code-related non-profit, or to DevSwag to help with operating costs.

Details for Selling Tshirts

Here's some more detail:

  • Tshirts require an initial investment; the project pays a security deposit in the amount of the initial order, and also shipping costs from the printer when applicable (no taxes, yay Portland!).
  • Shirts are designed directly by the project, with input from Tilde. If you need a designer, we have some folks in-house that have reasonable rates and lots of experience making fun swag.
  • The minimum order for most shirts is 108 pieces; the next meaningful price break is usually around 144 pieces. Our wholesalers can do less than 108—but pricing isn't always compelling enough at lower numbers.
  • The average costs lie somewhere between $9 and $16 a shirt, depending on the complexity of the art, the locations, and the shirt material in question. We only use top quality tshirts—nothing itchy, scratchy or ill-shaped. American Apparel, District Made and Canvas are among the brands we use.
  • The project, knowing their audience, provides guidance on the size breakdown for the order. All orders should include some women's shirts and some 3XL+ shirts (something to consider when drafting your design as well).
  • Projects with more infrastructure may choose to skip the security deposit and instead print the shirts themselves and send them to us. We need to receive a sample first to be sure the quality is up to standards.
  • All DevSwag shirts sell for $22 (or $25 for size XXL+, which has additional costs).
  • We negotiate the specific royalty shirt-by-shirt, once costs are determined.
  • We aim to pay all royalties twice per year; we only send checks above $50. If royalties are lower, we'll hold the funds until the next royalty date when the project does hit $50
  • If the shirts don't sell, they can be returned to the project (project responsible for shipping costs) or donated.

Sales and Marketing

We look to the OSS project maintainers to help spread the word, and since we're both invested in getting the items sold, that's worked well so far :) Wherever possible, we'll design a small DevSwag callout badge for the project website. Those have generally been our best sources of traffic. 

As an alternative to collecting royalties, some projects choose to instead have the funds donated to reputable technology related non-profits, or put towards DevSwag operating costs. If you'd like your royalties sent to an NPO, let's discuss what you have in mind :)

To start selling your project materials on DevSwag, email