Ember Mascot Variety Packs

You asked, we delivered! Get your hands on all of the Tomster Variety packs! The Tomsters and Zoeys in these packages represent User Groups around the world. But also they're adorable, so really, who even cares where they're from? (Stickers are all roughly 2x1.5)

Variety Pack, V1:

  1. Austin, Tomster
  2. Dallas, Tomster
  3. Houston, Tomster
  4. Jacksonville, Tomster
  5. London, Tomster
  6. Louiseville, Tomster
  7. Montevideo, Tomster
  8. Munich, Tomster
  9. Philadelphia, Tomster
  10. Seattle, Tomster

Variety Pack, V2:

  1. Portland, Tomster
  2. Southern California, Tomster
  3. Vancouver, Tomster
  4. Denver, Tomster
  5. Atlanta, Tomster
  6. Boston, Tomster
  7. Salt Lake City, Tomster
  8. Columbus, Tomster
  9. New York, Tomster
  10. Raleigh, Tomster

Variety Pack, V3: (new!)

  1. EmberCamp 2014, Scout Tomster
  2. EmberConf 2015, Kayak Tomster
  3. EmberConf 2016, Scooter Tomster
  4. Amsterdam, Tomster
  5. Washington DC, Tomster
  6. Classic Zoey
  7. Austin, Zoey
  8. San Diego, Zoey
  9. Munich, Zoey
  10. Atlanta, Zoey

A percentage of profits from the sale of Ember merchandise are used to fund the continued development and support of the Ember project.

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