DevSwag is designed to help projects get their materials out there. We run DevSwag at a loss as a service to the community. We aim to help projects and founders get their merch out there, without needing to spend ongoing time making it happen.

Selling Stickers

There are two options for selling your stickers on DevSwag. 

  • You send us your StickerMule-printed stickers and we sell them for you
  • You send us your sticker art and we print your stickers

We of course can't afford to just print any and every sticker out there, so the second option won't always be available. Happy to discuss!

    Selling Tshirts

    • We work together to approve the design of your Tshirt
    • We sell your tshirts. Huzzah!

    To start selling your project materials on DevSwag, there's more detail here. Email to jump in!